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Production of asphalt mixes

Russian-German Joint Venture «Autobahn» Ltd produces certified asphalt concrete mixes on multifunctional plants made in Germany. It has 3 asphalt mixing plants that can meet every requirement of end users of hot, cold and high-flow asphalt concrete mixes and produce several types of various mixes within one shift, ranging from gravel to sand ones. SMA-10, SMA-15 and SMA-20 stone matrix asphalt mixes meet GOST 31015-2002 requirements; all types of hot asphalt concrete mixes meet GOST 9128-97 requirements, and cold bitumen mineral mixes meet technical requirements TU 5718-001-42012804-2009 developed by the company. All the plants are fitted with cycle type mixers and high-precision control equipment for asphalt mix production. The production process is fully automated.


All the mixes are produced from high-quality construction materials complying with applicable GOST requirements. Graded stone for production areas is provided by high-efficiency Теltomat, Fisher-Young and Tеsab crushing-and-screening plants.


LINTEC CSM 3000 asphalt mixing plant


LintecLocated in Buzhaninovo (86th km of Road M8).

It is a portable asphalt mixing plant. Each module is placed in an ISO-standard sea container, which rules out out-of-gage dimensions and allows the plant to be relocated and installed within a short period of time (about one week).

Capacity: 240 t/hour

Batch volume: 3,500 kg

Batch cycle time: 45 sec







Teltomat 240 asphalt mixing plant


TeltomatLocated in Nepetsino (91st km of Road M5).

Capacity: 240 t/hour

Batch volume: 3,000 kg







The product prices can be obtained by contacting the manufacturing plants or the central office of Autoban (tel.: +7 (495) 626-5116).