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Road construction

Asphalt concrete is laid and milled using special machinery equipped with electronic monitoring systems.


High-precision milling, microprofiling and modern asphalt pavers provide jointless pavement and high road construction rates.


Autobahn is a leader in using the advanced resource-saving technology of cold recycling in asphalt concrete coating and road base restoration, based on recycling and optimal reuse of existing construction layer materials.


Construction and repair quality control is provided by the central construction laboratory and mobile laboratories fitted with modern equipment meeting Russian and international standards.


Geodetic control is provided by a special department employing highly skilled professionals and equipped with advanced high-precision electronic devices with automatic data recording. A developer of innovative geodetic technologies for road construction, Autobahn, jointly with NPP Geokosmos, was the first in Russia to perform the siting and layout of the route of M-5 1st grade highway (the relief road around Nepetsino) using a satellite equipment set.