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Production of bitumen emulsions

emulRussian-German Joint Venture «Autobahn» Ltd is one of the major manufacturers of bitumen emulsions on the Russian market. The 12 t/h bitumen emulsion plant located in Moscow is a modern, fully automated computerized plant that provides component dosing accurate to 50 g per ton of the product. This ensures product compliance with both Russian and world standards.


The company produces all types of emulsions in compliance with GOST Р52128-2003 requirements for tack coating, surface treatment, patching, recycling and cold asphalt. Modern emulsifiers used in the emulsion manufacture ensure optimal product quality.


On customer's request any type and amount of emulsion can be produced, delivered to and distributed at the site.


Bitumen emulsion prices can be obtained by contacting Autobahn central office (tel.: +7(495) 626-5116).